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Equipment Rental for Drying or Odor Removal

Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation offers commercial equipment rental to meet your drying and odor removal needs. We set up the equipment and we will monitor equipment. If you have a water damage or your house or business is flooded, call Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation.

Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation will rent you airmovers specifically design to dry carpet and structure. The commercial air movers are specifically designed to help with evaporation of water. We will set up and monitor the equipment for you and let you know when they are no longer needed.
We also rent dehumidifiers that do a great job of removing moisture from the air, contents and structure to help you dry quickly. The faster you dry the less chance you will have mold growth.

Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation also rents ozone machines to get rid of odor. Ozone machine have many uses such as:

  • Remove smell from rental house that had heavy smokers (may save you from having to paint whole house)
  • Skunk smell removal if you pet was sprayed
  • Smoke odor removal from contents that were in a fire
  • Smoke odor removal for house or rooms that had smoke damage
  • Clean odors associated with cooking with strong spices

Call Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation to discuss your what options are available to solve your odor problem. Call 575-526-7845

A Little Bit About Ourselves.

Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation is a family run business founded in Las Cruces, NM in 1984. We provides many cleaning services, such as Carpet, Tile / Grout, Upholstery, Area Rugs and Auto Interior cleaning. We also offer 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction, just in case your house or buiness has a small leak or is under 3 feet of water. If you need specialty cleaning or services such as: Oriental wool rugs, Persian rugs, white / light-colored berber carpets, antique furniture cleaning, pet odor / stains removal, mold cleanup / remediation, same day service or any other cleaning that our competitors are afraid or not qualified to tackle: Call us for a free consultation.

The goal of Superb Emergency Water Extraction and Mitigation is simple : CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Over the years, our business has continued to grow and thrive because of repeat customers and referrals. Please look through our website, visit our photo pages; and if you have any questions or comments, please email us or call us.

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