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Welcome to our - Superb (Las Cruces' Best) - upholstery cleaning photo website. Superb Carpet, Upholstry & Tile / Grout Cleaning has been serving Las Cruces and Dona Ana residents for 34+ years. If you are looking for the cheapest prices, I am sorry you will have to keep on looking for another 'cleaning' company. We strive to offer the best furniture cleaning at reasonable prices, year in - year out. We use trained technicians, quality cleaning solutions and industrial equipment to achieve the cleanest results possible.

Here are some photos of sample jobs that we have done.

Sofa before n after
Example of sofa arm with body / newspaper soiling.
antique white sofa
After cleaning. Las Cruces' A Striking Image cleans all types of furniture..

L-shape sectional couch
A Striking Image cleans microfiber, leather, durable, delicate, white, or dark fabrics.

sofa with pet urine spots
Example of a white sofa with pet urine marks on the corners prior to cleaning.

Sofa before cleaning
Before cleaning!

Sofa after cleaning
After cleaning!

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At Superb Carpet & Tile / Grout Cleaning, we want you to be delighted with our work! Therefore, every cleaning job we do comes with a risk-free guarantee. What does this mean for you? - If you are not happy with our work, we will redo the job/area for FREE! Plus, we understand you might have some difficult spots, so if they reappear, call us and WE will reappear. We give you 30 days to call us back for a redo with no hassle and no charge! And, if you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money back. We have been offering this guarantee for over 34 years because nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction. Thank you!

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